February 25, 2010

Low Score Episode 41 "Candles, Candles Everywhere!"

In this episode: Dramatic Reading, WhatCHA Playin'?, Should Bobby Buy?, Items of Note, Let's Discuss and THE LIST

We kick things off with part four of our Castlevania II Worlds of Power novelization dramatic reading, in which we see mysteries solved, temptation overcome, and the rise of Lord Dracula! It'sa gonna be-a really-scary! I'm not-a kiddin' you this time.

Bobby has continued to play Mass Effect 2 in between sessions of Plants vs Zombies on the iPhone, and J picked up Assassins Creed.

Bobby asks J whether or not he should buy four different games, and J tells him to save his money for Rock of the Dead.

This week's discussion topic was videogame writing. That is, writing about videogames. We break down and describe the different categories of writers and discuss how they're relevant to the field at large. This bleeds right into THE LIST for episode 41: THE LIST: Recommend five people who write about games. If your THE LIST was not read on the air, we'll be reading it next episode. We got a lot of submissions after we recorded, but we owe it to you to make your voice heard.

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