August 27, 2009

Low Score Episode 27 "Viewers Like You"

We asked for it and you delivered. It's our listener question episode!

Of course we can't help but talk about what we've been playing and some of the news of the day (hint: Shadow Complex and price drops), but the meat of the episode is discussion based on questions YOU submitted. Yes, you. There, in the t-shirt. Yeah, we're looking at you.

So what kind of questions do we answer? Well, we got asked about the Fall release schedule, the monetary value of games, a RPG character types, old genre revival, and LAN play.

It was a grand old time and we highly encourage you delve in!

August 9, 2009

Low Score Episode 26 "Shoot Aliens in the Head"

Jam packed. That's all we have to say about Low Score's big episode 26.

Okay, not all we have to say. We've been playing a ton of games as of late. Bobby enjoyed more Red Faction: Guerilla, purchased and learned how to play Street Fighter IV, and played some Mad World for Wii.

J, on the other hand, provides a timely review of the new Fallout 3 DLC "Mothership Zeta," talks about how the new Prince of Persia is like the old Prince of Persia, and recounts his experience playing the new XBLA release Marvel vs Capcom 2.

J has also been a part of the new Xbox 360 Dashboard beta and gives us the lowdown on new features and the improved quality.

Inspired by some recent quality multiplayer gaming, we talk about the history of multiplayer games. We did some serious research for this episode, so join us as we go through a multiplayer timeline, discuss the issues and trends of multiplayer gaming, and muse on the future of multiplayer at home, online, and in the arcade.

And don't forget about our contest!

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Music by virt

August 4, 2009

Taking Questions for Episode 27

Big Episode 27 is going to be entirely listener questions. To encourage this, we're holding a little contest where you can win a Rock Band hat and either a Rock Band or Guitar hero t-shirt. Everyone who submits a question will be eligible, and we'll choose the winner randomly from a hat. You may submit more than one question, but you only get one chance at winning.

You have a few weeks to think of questions, as we'll record episode 26 first. We'll post again when the deadline is approaching.

Question should be gaming related... you know, stuff we can talk about on the show.

We prefer you e-mail us so as to keep the questions a surprise: lowscorepodcast at gmail

So submit like the MMA!