November 24, 2010

Low Score Episode 54 "Both Bandit and Ghost Trains"

A totally classic episode of the Low Score podcast. J and Bobby address the litany of games they've played, things in the news, and a Thanksgiving themed THE LIST.

The past few weeks have been anything but a lull in our game playing. Bobby somehow ended up with a copy of Black Ops, Bobby and J rocked through Borderlands: Claptrap's New Robot Revolution, Bobby, J, and Jimmy finished Halo: Reach on legendary, and J still managed to squeeze in a good number of New Vegas hours.

We talked Black Friday deals, addressed some sales numbers, pontificated over release dates, and came to the realization that we want a Lego Space game.

And the THE LIST! It's our five Dinner Sandwich games.

And remember what we always say about Thanksgiving: It's like Christmas!

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November 22, 2010

THE LIST (Ep 54) - Dinner Sandwich Games

Thanksgiving approaches! What will you do? Eat. A lot, hopefully. I love Thanksgiving—it's the one holiday solely about food. And giving thanks, I guess. But really it's about food. And so many delicious foods to choose from! Thanksgiving serves as the inspiration for this week's THE LIST.

When we were students at the University of Virginia, there was a food counter in the Pav called Cranberry Farms. It served the kind of hot meals you'd expect from a place like Boston Market: turkey, rotisserie chicken, sides. But you'd have to be crazy to get any of the combo meals, though. Why get a combo meal with all the elements separated on the plate when you could get them all between two thick slices of bread?

The Dinner Sandwich. Turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce sandwiched between two thick slices of white bread and drenched in gravy. It's all the elements you love separately put into a single package for your enjoyment.

This week we want to know your five Dinner Sandwich games. Games that combine two or more disparate elements into a single beautiful thing. For example, a fighting game dating-sim, or a crazy JRPG story packed into an RTS.

Give us your THE LIST in the comments!

November 5, 2010

Low Score Episode 53 "Makes No Sense"

Bobby, J, and Jimmy talk Rock Band 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Costume Quest, Reach, Greatest Games of the Decade, News, and THE LIST roulette.

Let's make this brief, shall we? We recorded a podcast and you're going to listen to it.

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