May 19, 2010

Low Score Episode 45 "Not In the Show Notes"

In this episode: Super Street Fighter IV, Bad Company 2, Final Fantasy XIII, Picross 3D; News of Bungie, Steam on Mac, paying for online; THE LIST.

We're happy to be back to doing the great ol' podcasting thing. Jimmy joins us to discuss the games we've been playing—a list that's grown exponentially since Bobby finished his semester and has been able to play games again.

Then we've got news! And for once, we'll share all our links: Bungie publishing deal with Activision?, the Humble Indie Bundle (and piracy), Steam to Mac, finally, the Black Wii you won’t buy, could Nintendo charge for online?, and EA to Charge Sports Game Used-Buyers For Online Access.

This week's THE LIST (good morning, captain!) is the five mechanics you'd like to see abolished from games. Be gone with you, antiquated design choices!

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Opening music by virt and featuring the new OneUps' Super Mario Kart album which you desperately need to buy.

Awesome album art by r4r3truffle.

May 12, 2010

THE LIST: Five Game Mechanics That Should Be Abolished

Games have come a long way in the past four decades. But even as we've developed more sophisticated methods of gameplay and interface, we'd be kidding ourselves to say that it's all for good. So, then, what are those mechanics that cause you to groan? We're using the term "mechanic" a little loosely here, so we'll accept answers ranging from block-pushing puzzles to capture-the-flag modes.

Hit us with your answers and we'll read them on the podcast Sunday night.

May 2, 2010

Low Score Episode 44 "Makes Me Feel So Fine"

In this episode: Discussions of game music and soundtracks. And that's it!

This Big Episode was particularly big in file size—twice what we normally end up with! So that means it's something special.

It took a month... but we're finally back with a new podcast to amuse and entertain. This week we discussed videogame music. We look at game music's history, examine what makes game music special, and talk about our favorite soundtracks and scores.

And this week's THE LIST gives us the cream of the crop of music tracks from games. We received a ton of submissions and play snippets on the air. You don't want to miss it!

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Opening music by virt

Awesome album art by r4r3truffle.