February 21, 2010

THE LIST for Episode 41

THE LIST: Recommend five people who write about games.

We'll be discussing the way people write about games in Big Episode 41, so we want to know who you think are the best/important/entertaining writers out there. Major game websites, niche blogs, magazines, books... all are fair game. What matters is that that they're people you enjoy, respect, and would suggest to other readers and listeners of Low Score.


ExMachina said...

Ah man, I frequent way too many gaming blogs, so I'm just going to pick 5 random people.

Mitch Krpata - Insult Swordfighting
- Check out his stuff on A New Taxonomy of Gamers in particular. His entire blog roll is worth going through as well, heh.

James Chen
- JChensor doesn't update very often, and most of his writing targets a pretty narrow audience or only pops up on Shoryuken.com, but his series about rhythm games is a nice, accessible example of his insight into game mechanics.

Brinstar - Acid for Blood
- Found Brinstar's blog by way of The Border House, which I also recommend since it provides a gathering point for female, PoC, and other minority perspectives on gaming.

Wes Erdelack - Versus CluClu Land
- Is he the "minor-league Pauline Kael of games criticism"? Iunno, I just like reading his blog.

Kieron Gillen
- Okay, this one wasn't random. =P As far as "important" gaming writers go, Gillen easily makes that list. Guy wrote the New Games Journalism manifesto and has awesome pieces on Eurogamer, PCGamer UK, and Rock, Paper, Shotgun, etc.

Erik said...

Ok, I have nobody surprising.

Keith Gerald Holkins - Good sense, and lots of flavor.

Jefferson Gertsmann - I love all of GB. If I had to choose the one I liked the best and agreed with most it would probably be Vincent Caravella but I think Jefferson's better at picking stuff apart and articulating his thoughts.

Benjamin Richard Croshaw - He hates the things you hate.

Stephen Totilo - I only read him when I get linked to him, but I always end up liking it.

DeAndre Cortez Way - A revolutionary. Acutely giving neo-new game criticism a much needed shot of honest authenticity.