February 3, 2010

THE LIST for Episode 40

In Big Episode 39, J and I ran through the GameFAQs Character Battle VIII to determine the ultimate champion... but there were still a few characters missing who could have been strong contenders.

So, we're asking you for Five Great Characters Missing From GameFAQs Character Battle.

Don't be shy now, c'mon Catch-A-Ride!!!

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Kevin said...

I listened and hope I'm not repeating any that actually were in the initial battle. Shades of the "obscure" battle we hosted of yore:

Mr. Monotoli - Earthbound

Demon Arino/Kid Arino - Retro Game Challenge (the sort of weird impressario/friend "host" who gives you challenges--his two forms are a kid who sits and watches you play games, and a strange polygonal head)

Calo Nord - SW: Knights of the Old Republic

Vincent - FF7

Billy Lee - Double Dragon