February 11, 2010

Low Score Episode 40 "As Long As It's Classy"

In this episode: Castlevania II Dramatic Reading, Mass Effect 2, Listener Questions, and THE LIST

Jimmy joined us for a truly BIG episode of the Low Score podcast. We kicked it off with part three of our dramatic reading of the Castlevania II Worlds of Power novelization, with Simon Belmont and Tim Bradley fighting monsters and solving puzzles.

Before we talked about what we're playing, we talk about what were playing. Bobby finished up Uncharted 2, Jimmy shares his impressions of Assassins Creed 2, and J picked up 'Splosion Man for five bucks.

But really, this is our Mass Effect 2 podcast. Jimmy and J beat it, while Bobby is half-way through. This means that it will contain some spoilers, but we did our best to keep the main narrative twists and sequences a surprise for you all.

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Opening music by virt

Awesome album art by r4r3truffle.

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