March 17, 2010

THE LIST for Episode 42

Five games/series you just don't care about.

Sometimes, you just don't care. Everyone's talking about such and such game or some series from Japan, and you just don't give a damn. And it's not because you've played them and not liked it, and it's not because its a genre you can't stand. You just don't care! So this week we're asking you for five games/series you just don't care about.


Drew Maier said...

You might need to guarantee anonymity on this one...

1. MGS series
2. Starcraft
3. Halo series
4. Madden
5. WOW

6th man: Wii games, but it felt like a cop-out

Ben M said...

1. Final Fantasy - Don't care about the story or characters. Liked FF:AT though.
2. Halo - Always thought other FPS games were better.
3. Gran Turismo - Racing Sims equals blah.
4. Resident Evil - Not into Horror shooters.
5. Tekken - Not into fighting.

Kevin said...

1. Metal Gear Solid series
2. Halo (so much cliche, so little time!)
3. Mario Party (seems like it is ingenious at forcing people to have fun!)
4. Guitar Hero (some of the best guitarists are rhythm/ensemble players--this series, in particular, seems to think that only lead/shredding is important)
5. Ratchet and Clank (face it: platformers died for a reason. Facile humor won't save them).

Simon Ferrari said...

1. Metal Gear, obviously
2. thatgamecompany wind propagation model video sims
3. Second Life
4. Splinter Cell
5. Katamari Damacy (loved the first KD, everything he's made since has been absolute bullshit)

Mimi said...

1. MechWarrior
2. Sonic (sorry!)
3. Bomberman
4. Warcraft/WoW
5. Monster Hunter (which I always confused with Monster /Rancher,/ which I actually liked back in the day)

Bonus! The Imagine series, from Imagine: Boutique Owner to Imagine: Makeup Artist to Imagine: Babyz Fashion (I wish I were making that up).