August 27, 2008

Low Score Episode 06 "Make it Work"

Not even the start of classes can stop Bobby from beating a game and buying three others. And now that he's finished with Mass Effect he and J can finally discuss it! Meanwhile J has an interesting cerebral response to Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare being that it's the first FPS he's played where he's really out to kill real looking humans in war. Is this an untapped area of game design and story?

But be not discouraged, for Bobby wants to go to war with everybody in Civilization Revolution and blast off to space where he can kill alien dudes in Galaga Legions.

J's come back around on Bionic Commando: Rearmed and explains why not liking the game probably means you're doing it wrong.

What other adventures await our heroes? No idea! But you should listen anyway.

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Darn good music by virt

August 19, 2008

Low Score Episode 05 "A Very Braidy Podcast"

J's back! And what does that mean? It means we get to discuss potato chips and beer. Oh, and some video games too, I suppose.

Newsflash: J LOVES POINTS. Tune in to hear him talk about his misadventures with Avatar: The Last Airbender and Madden 06.

Though we've played a few demos and some Geometry Wars 2, this week is really all about Braid. With about 40 minutes of the podcast dedicated to one game, we discuss both gameplay and narrative. Don't want spoilers because you're going to play Braid soon? That's okay! We give fair warning in the course of the podcast for when we're going to discuss potential spoilers for the rest of the show.

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Awesome music by virt is back

August 13, 2008

Low Score Episode 04 "Kevin is Smug"

Hanging out at the Jersey shore, Bobby is joined by Kevin and Jimmy of the Virtual Fools to discuss their recent gaming habits and talk about their history with the boardwalks of New Jersey, including the trip they took that day to Seaside Heights to play classic arcade games.

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