February 23, 2009

Low Score Episode 16 "Reproduction is at the Heart of Farm Life"

Holy Crap! Bobby and J, with special guest Jimmy, recorded a three hour monster of a podcast. 

What can three guys talk about for three hours? Everything. Everything on the planet. We discuss what we've all been playing recently like The Lost and Damned and Street Fighter IV, racing games, Points, pizza, Star Trek, the Simpsons, the potential for game designers to create worlds for other people to make games in, and damn if we can remember what else.

There might have been alcohol involved.


But we actually think it's a real winner! Split it up into two sessions if you need to. We'll understand. Remember, if you want to see more of these type episodes keep not sending in those questions. If you think we sound like morons, then send some Qs our way!

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Awesome tunes by virt

February 6, 2009

Low Score Episode 15 "You Picked Wrong!"

It was a bit of a slow news week, so Bobby and J decided they'd prefer to just focus in on their favorite topic: themselves.

After a bit of standard "what have you been playing?" Bobby and J chronicle a history of video games in their lives. You'll get to hear stories of growing up playing games, the magic of getting a new system and early memories of launch-window games, why Bobby never had a GameBoy, gaming with friends, Bobby and J in college, PC gaming, and many a random aside.

If you love the hosts as much as they love themselves, you'll particularly enjoy this edition of the Low Score podcast.

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Awesome tunes by virt