November 5, 2009

Low Score Special "Playing Forza 3"

We tried to do something a little different this week. And we accomplished that goal. How it turns out, however, remains to be seen. So how exactly did we switch it up?

In this very special episode of Low Score we invited Good Friend of the Show Jimmy to lead us through some Forza 3. On the first half of the show you'll hear us racing each other, talking trash, and talking about the game. In the second half, we talk a bit about other games we've been playing, whether Bobby should get a PlayStation 3, and an assortment of news. Maybe. It's hard to remember with all that crashing into walls...

Disclaimer: We know that this episode is a little weird and it might be hard to follow. Please let us know if it's at all tolerable. If we can modify the next one in a way that's listenable, we'll do that. If it's beyond saving, we'll discard the idea completely. Constructive criticism always welcome.

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