October 21, 2009

Low Score Episode 31 "I Love to Smelt"

We were going to begin this post with a phrase like, "you can't stop us, so why try?" But we must admit that Bobby's dog took care of that pretty well, as she decided to chew through a Rock Band mic. But not before we could hammer out big episode 31!

FOTSGFOTS Campbell joined us this week to help mix it up. What had we all been playing? Both Bobby and J had some new Beatles Rock Band experiences: one involving harmonizing and one involving spending lots of money on DLC. Bobby learned that you can't play multiplayer Wii Sports Resorts with only one Motion Plus adapter, Campbell learned you can't play Left 4 Dead with anyone on the Internet, and J learned that you can still rent videogames from brick and mortar stores. His discussion of Batman: Arkham Asylum makes the game sound as good as everyone else has said. Campbell expresses just how traumatic Trauma Center for the DS really is and we now know he prefers surgery with a shotgun.

We received an email from Friend of the Show (Good Friend of the Show) Erik, who wanted to further discuss character classes in MMOs and why the Jedi/Sith don't have to be the only good characters. We're still not sure of this, as 'lightsabers > any other weapon', but we were willing to hear him out.

This week's THE LIST tackled our top 5 XBLA games. And though there are a handful of seemingly obviosu choices, we were very surprised by the range of games that made it onto our and our listeners' lists.

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