November 22, 2009

Low Score Episode 33 "The Second Half"

We're proud to bring you the rousing conclusion of our Top 50 Games that Defined the Decade! The full list will be going up in a blog post soon for reference and discussion.

But first we kicked off the show with some late submissions from last week's THE LIST. Immediately following, we run down this week's THE LIST "Five Characters You'd Like to Spend a Day With." Because we didn't put out a call for submissions this time, you can include them in the comments here. We'll read them next time AND we'll put out a new call for THE LIST too. So many damn lists!

We've both played Borderlands and Forza 3, though in reverse proportions. While car enthusiast Bobby was busy collecting loot in the Rust Commons, J the Diablo fan was zipping around race tracks to finish the R3 championship.

GFOTS Jimmy wrote in to ask about peripherals like the DJ Hero turntable and Tony Hawk's new skateboard... thing.

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ajnrules said...

Characters I would like to spend a day with?

1. Misty
2. Misty
3. Misty
4. Misty
5. Misty
5b. Yoshi
5c. Sheena Fujibayashi
5d. Phoenix Wright
5e. Seung Mi-na

epicpoet said...

...I find Leon's results both shocking and unsurprising.

1. Any one of the Elite Beat Agents
2. Klarth F. Lester
3. Grace Nakimura
4. Ratchet (only if Clank comes too)
5. The King of All Cosmos

epicpoet said...

...I should probably elaborate exactly why I chose those five. Here goes:

1. This should be obvious. You hang out with some Agents for a day, you get a killer soundtrack, you're inspired to do great things, and every five minutes there's a new dance party. With sunglasses.

2. Klarth's one of the main characters of Tales of Phantasia, one of my favorite RPGs. He's a worldly guy that knows more about Phantasian magic and folklore than anyone, and he's also a womanizing drunkard that refuses to admit he's in love with his assistant. It would be *incredibly* easy and fun to go out drinking with him and make fun of him for hours and hours with him paying.

3. Grace Nakimura is the female co-protagonist of the Gabriel Knight series of adventure games, two of which I've played to completion. She's not particularly beautiful and is certainly not sexualized, but she has so much personality and coolness that you fall in love with her anyway. If we hung out we'd probably just snark about random shit for hours.

4. The greatest buddy-comedy duo of video games, plus an arsenal of weapons so ridiculous that it's practically the main selling point of the entire damn series.

5. My reasons for hanging out with The King are basically the same as yours for hanging out with Brucie from GTA IV. I wouldn't want to party with him every night, and we'd probably destroy the universe, but it would be fun as hell.