November 7, 2009

Low Score Episode 32 "The First Half"

We decided to quickly follow-up our special episode with a standard episode. But just because it's standard does not mean it too isn't special in its own right.

We begin by condensing our previous discussion of Forza 3, Borderlands, and Brutal Legend into a solid 20 minutes. If you listened to the last show, you'll hear a bunch of overlap, but much more concisely put.

Then we launch into this week's discussion: The 50 Games that Defined the Decade. To keep it on the shorter side, we're only tackling the first half of the decade this episode, with 2005-2009 to come. We kept ourselves on a timer so that we only talk about the 28 games for 2 minutes each. No babbling here! Except for some of Bobby's "uh, this game was good" nonsense...

But it wouldn't be a standard episode without THE LIST. We asked you for your Top 5 Games Based on Other Media IP, and you responded with enthusiasm! We each run through our lists and then read off the listener contributed lists. There's one game that was overwhelmingly popular that may surprise you (hint: Disney).

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