March 30, 2010

THE LIST: Games That Don't Hold Up

For Big Episode 43, we're asking you for five games you love that you can't go back and play because you know (or are afraid) they won't hold up. Maybe there's an NES game that in retrospect is terrible, or the first entry in a series that has been made obsolete by better sequels. Give us your THE LIST and we'll read them on the air Thursday night!

C'mon Catch-A-Ride!


Simon Ferrari said...

1. Ocarina of Time
2. Ocarina of Time
3. Ocarina of Time
(it's THAT fugly y'all)
4. Earthbound
5. King's Quest

ajnrules said...

5. Donkey Kong 64
4. Super Mario Sunshine
3. Mario Party 2
2. Yoshi's Story
1. The Sims

For a short blurb about each game, check the forums.

High Off Pixels said...

1. Final Fantasy IX (loved the story for the most part and the combat system, but the generic art design isn't helped by PS1 graphics that have aged poorly.)
2. Mappy. Loved as a kid, but it kind of only lives on as an also-ran pre-SMB platformer.
3. Manic Mansion (NES Version)
4. SoulBlazer
5. Illusion of Gaia (These last two I'm certain are better in my memory than in reality).

These are games that I loved, but I feel like, if I tried playing them again, their failings would overwhelm the memories I have for their good parts (I know there are many who would say Illusion of Gaia had NO good parts, but I liked it.)

Honorable Mention: Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest. I have a place in my heart for this, if nothing else, for the music (it's "The Harder They Come" of video games). I don't even have to play it again to recall the stripped down, outright boring gameplay, but it captivated me as one of my first RPGs.

Kevin said...

2. POOL OF RADIANCE (PC/NES - brilliant world and sense of place, but a quirky interface that now feels out of the stone age...yet was to be seriously improved over subsequent games)
3. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG (Gen - such an empty series!)
4. GAUNTLET (all formats - you literally get plowed by enemies, with little sense of hit detection or of discreet heft to your avatar)
5. THE SIMPSONS (arcade - still love it/love playing it...but it is pretty bad!)

Simon Ferrari said...

Ray I just played SoulBlazer and Illusion of Gaia and they're still fucking awesome. Illusion less so, but still, both really awesome.

epicpoet said...

The third sequel to the SoulBlazer trilogy, Terranigma, is better than both of its predecessors. Just a liiiittle bit less of Illusion of Gaia's nutsy weirdness.

I posted The List at the Gamers forums instead of here, btw.