July 7, 2009

Low Score After Hours "Vaguely Alliterative"

Only moments after we finished recording Big Episode 23 of the Low Score Podcast, we recorded what we've termed "After Hours," a podcast by the Low Score hosts that is about anything but videogames. Last time we did something like this we got some useful feedback that helped us decide to split out evening recording session into two episodes.

Bobby, J, Jimmy, Kevin, Carrie, and Allison all took up spots in front of the microphones to talk beer, snacks, and music. And to argue a bunch. And to talk off microphone. And to throw zingers around and do schtick for you, our awesome listening audience. And, perhaps most imporantly, put dogs in our shirts.

We apologize that the audio quality isn't that great, but it was a lot of fun to record and we hope you find humor in our drunken shenanigans!

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