June 24, 2009

Low Score Episode 23 "The Gang's All Here"

Sweet mother of pearl, it's a guest-a-rific edition of the Low Score podcast. You know: the one about videogames! Joining Bobby and J this week are previous guests-of-the-show (and good friends of the show) Jimmy and Kevin. This ensemble was made possible by a drive to Richmond, VA, where we all met up at J's house for a real live in-person podcast. Also joining us on the show are significant-others-of-the-show Carrie and Allison!

Unlike last time a number of us got together, we made sure that this episode was all about video games. We saved the outside conversation for second episode which should go up within the next week or so. But this one is built to stand alone and not annoy you!

Surprise surprise we talk Fallout 3, as Kevin just purchased it and the rest of us have been keeping up with DLC. We've also got Peggle, Magic the Gathering for PC, FFVII, and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember.

We discuss sequels and market saturation, difficulty in games, the new Nintendo skip-ahead feature, and achievements.

We were pumped to record it, so you best be excited to listen to it! Get yer download on!

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