July 10, 2009

Low Score Episode 24 "It's Been a Year"

One year ago today the first episode of the Low Score podcast was uploaded to the Internet for everyone to enjoy. 24 episodes later, we're still doin' the damn thing. And this week, we bring you one of our finest podcasts ever.

We play a little catch-up as Bobby lists off some recent purchases, J continues to sing the praises of Fallout 3 in the form of Point Lookout, Bobby plays some Battlefield Heroes, and we both get a little nerdy about the new Magic: The Gathering game for Xbox Live Arcade.

We also do a bit of news and commentary for the first time in a while: PS3 price drops?, World of Warcraft Themed Peggle, LucasArts games hit Steam, and a new old Final Fantasy game.

The bulk of the podcast comes from a suggestion that friend-of-the-show Kevin (sometimes co-host-of-the-show as well) gave for the After Hours podcast. It's all about our personal "Low Scores." We'll leave the categories of discussion a surprise, but will tell you that it deals with us being poor game players on numerous levels.

Please to enjoy!

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