June 12, 2009

Low Score Episode 22 "That Thing in LA"

Ah, the E3 Expo. The Electronic Entertainment Expo Expo. Wait, wha? Hm. Irregardless, Bobby and J are here to provide commentary on the big three press conferences, games the developers showed off, and what is just really a fine example of second-hand journalism.

We talk Project Natal, vitality sensors, PSP Crunchwrap Supremes (because it's good to Go), and most importantly lots and lots of games. Interested in the new God of Castlevania? We got it! New Super Mario Bros high-functioning multiplayer? That's us! Class-based shooters with light RPG elements? Ding ding! Yeah, we got it all covered.

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Awesome tunes by virt


Campbell Bird said...

I just updated the Gamers forums notifying them of your latest podcasts that you neglected to post up there yourselves. I also put up my feedback for this episode. Check it out: http://www.gamersatuva.com/forum/index.php?topic=2307.0

Kevin said...

Alright, Tom Hank was clearly the hero of this podcast. I will speak of him in future.

J said...

Campbell - Thanks for succeeding where we have failed. Got to get the word out!!!