September 23, 2008

Low Score Episode 08 "Is it Meaty?"

Both Rock Band and Viva Pinata got "platform upgrades" this week and J tell the world about them. Bobby discusses Mega Man 2, and the question of which platform to buy Mega Man 9 is raised. Mix in a little Spore now that Bobby's played it, first impressions on the GTA Chinatown Wars screens, World of Warcraft's new game within the game, and a discussion of how their gaming attitudes have changed in the year 2008.

You might just find this cast to be meaty.

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Neat soundtrack by virt

1 comment:

SLD said...

Nice banter guys! Brisk pace and alot of content for sure.

PS3 totally has demos! Trust you can always come to me with the PS3 questions...

And I'll send in an email or post again to answer your question~