October 2, 2008

Low Score Episode 09 "Questionable Content"

"Mailbag day! Mailbag day! Hey everybody, it's mailbag day!" J and Bobby put out a request for questions and they sure came pouring in. Topics range from the Fall lineup of games, console lifespans, gaming setups, cookies, distractions, space combat sims, Project Runway, and a little bit about the lives of the hosts.

Sit a spell, won't you? And turn your ears toward episode 9.

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Neat soundtrack by virt

1 comment:

SLD said...

Yea MEGA MAN 9 intro! Great Opening...

You both need to get up on Dawn of Sorrow and Portrait of Ruin. Hayaku!

Yeaaa ICING cookies! Good catch, Bobby! Remember those from MagFest.

Great job answering the Q's. And kudos to the all the good ones provided~