September 9, 2008

Low Score Episode 07 "Charming"

Oh man, oh man! We've packed this one tight! We kick it off with some Spore, get it rolling with downloadable games on XBLA and the Virtual Console like Super Mario RPG, Mega Man 9, and Castle Crashers. Bobby then explains why he's an idiot (Bangai-O Spirits) and complains about the DS hardware.

We're proud to introduce a new segment titled "Seriously, Nintendo." We'll let the reasons why be a surprise.

Oh, and we talk about the Orange Box on the PC and 360 and if Bobby should upgrade his PC.

Join us, won't you?

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Neat soundtrack by virt


SLD said...

Great job again fellas! Enjoyed the conversation and definitely the insight on some of the games, esp. my questions.

I agree MM9 will rock and that it seems we are the ones really driving the 'throw-back' though I am sure developers are happy to work on those classic series.

Hadn't heard about RB2 'No Fail'! And I'll be getting my $5 ready for that patch (didn't know it was avail now either)~

p.s. Whose PHONE was ringing!?

J said...

It was my phone! Sorry about that, people kept calling the house and I couldn't really answer while podcasting...