May 12, 2010

THE LIST: Five Game Mechanics That Should Be Abolished

Games have come a long way in the past four decades. But even as we've developed more sophisticated methods of gameplay and interface, we'd be kidding ourselves to say that it's all for good. So, then, what are those mechanics that cause you to groan? We're using the term "mechanic" a little loosely here, so we'll accept answers ranging from block-pushing puzzles to capture-the-flag modes.

Hit us with your answers and we'll read them on the podcast Sunday night.

1 comment:

Kevin said...

1) Bland cut-scenes. If you're going to insist on telling story/plot-points through cut-scenes, use inventive "camera" angles instead of the boring/predictable two-camera-sitcom ones that usually suffice. I'm looking at you, DRAGON AGE.

2) GOD OF WAR-styled "action events". Timed button presses as a substitute for actually doing an insane looking string of events signals that the possibilities of the controller are not being fully realized.

3) Tutorials or preliminary prologues that take longer than 15 minutes.

4) X-Box Live karma. Focus on the real thing instead.

5) Boss battles/encounters. Rather than make me grind through 90 uninteresting monsters/battles before coming across something interesting, focus more on the supposedly mundane or common foes. Flesh them out, give them motivation/back story, create a world in which you struggle against the quotidian, not just a string of exceptional personalities.