April 25, 2010

THE LIST: Five Favorite Videogame Tracks

We're doing something a little different this week, so we're looking for your five favorite songs from videogame soundtracks. Give us the game, track name (or stage/level name if appropriate), and composer (if you've got it). Commentary is also welcome. We'll read your THE LISTs on the podcast and might even play a selection of choices on the air.


Kevin said...

River City Ransom theme (not sure if it has a more precise title)

All of Mega Man 2

Final Boss music from FFVII

Onett - Earthbound

Chromelodeon's "Doom"

I should wrap up with the heretical fact that I mute games 95% of the time and listen to other things while playing.

Jimmy said...

Companeros - Grim Fandango

Stage Start music from Galaga

Frog's theme - Chrono Trigger

Indestructable - Street Fighter IV

Still Alive - Portal (a/k/a the greatest game ever made, apparently)