January 15, 2010

Low Score Episode 37 "In a Row?!"

The first real podcast of Twenty-Ten, and it's a doozy. What kind of idiots start buying games and committing to things like Dragon Age: Origins this close to the surprisingly packed Winter 2010 schedule? These guys, of course.

The bulk of our show deals with that exact subject. What games do you have in the queue, how are you going to make room for Mass Effect 2, and what are you looking (and not-looking) forward to in the Two Zero One Zero.

Which brings us to this week's THE LIST: "Five games you've earnestly been meaning to play but doubt you will." The answers may shock and offend.

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Opening music by virt

Most background music by the Bound Together project and Shael Riley's Nth Mile Soundtrack

Awesome new album art by r4r3truffle.

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