January 14, 2010

THE LIST for Episode 37

We want you to tell us the "Five games you've earnestly been meaning to play but doubt you will."

Don't be shy now, c'mon catch THE LIST!!!


ajnrules said...

5. Banjo-Tooie
4. Metal Gear Solid
3. Metroid Prime
2. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
1. Tales of Symphonia (PS2)

epicpoet said...

Hey, you know something of which I have too damn many? PS2 RPG sequels. I could have populated this list with games I haven't played but feel like I should (Bioshock, Portal, Perfect Dark), but honestly these five rise to the top of my head more often than those.

5. Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana

It got good reviews, seemed like it would be up my alley, and I found it for $15 new online. I have too many games obtained in this way or similarly, and they're waaay down on my queue.

4. Shadow Hearts: From the New World

I thought Shadow Hearts 1 was alright. I effin' LOVED Shadow Hearts: Covenant. So why have I owned the third one for over three years and haven't gotten to it yet? Couldn't tell ya.

3. Grandia III

See #4. Just change the names of the predecessors.

2. Kingdom Hearts 2

In some circles, it's considered one of the best RPGs of all time. I even liked the first one decently. I just really don't want to play it. I've been told details about the game's plot and characters secondhand several times, and I don't like black robes and zippers as much as other people, I guess.

1. Final Fantasy XII

I know I would play this and really enjoy it; I'm just daunted by the time commitment. If I were to properly get into FF XII, I'd have to devote a good chunk of time to it and I don't feel like doing that right now. I've beaten Final Fantasies 1 through 10, and have probably spent literally over a thousand hours into the entire series. But zero into number 12.

Anonymous said...

let me start this out by saying that I seem to be the only person to ever write into your show that is not FOTSGFOTSSHOTS or whatever the hell so this is taking some courage. Yeah, here's my list.

5. Illusion of Gaia
4. No More Heroes
3. Jet Grind Radio
2. KotOR II
1. Beyond Good and Evil

keep up the good work with the show

Bobby said...

Sorry, Anonymous. We didn't catch your list in time for the show! Reveal yourself and you might become a GFOTS.