August 4, 2014

Low Score 115 "Dirk Drain-Head"

Harry Truman, Doris Day, Red China, Johnnie Ray,
Low Score, One Fifteen, and we say our name.
New show, Billy Joel, Jason's Inbox? Zero.
Played some games, made some claims, hope this parody's not lame.

Cool scarf, swordswordsword, mash buttons, save the World,
Flip out, kill guys: now you see through Strider's eyes.
Explore a ship, place clones, solve puzzles, talk to stones,
You mustn't wait, The Swapper's great! Such a nice surprise.

Jason's Bravely Default quest has become a real test.
Mini Metro, subway line, mitigating wait time.
Golf a round with Mario, maybe eighteen's too slow?
Don't worry, it's fine: just go play the back nine.
Mickey Mouse lent a hand, Bobbo went to Disney's Land!
EA Access library? Sony says no-thank-ye!
PS Now beta's out, Sony has a rental plan!

Muleskinner's song meant
objects with sentiment:
Reading LISTs that listeners sent!
This is Gonna Be Excellent!

We recorded a podcast! You were always yearning for this show returning!
We recorded a podcast! It has been encoded so you must download it!
We recorded a podcast!

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Music: Anamanaguchi | Art: r4r3truffle | Thank you, Dude Walker.

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