July 2, 2013

Low Score 98 "GameFAQS Battle 243"

GameFAQS has come through again with one of our favorite Low Score features: the bracket battle! They've gone over the top, starting with TWO-HUNDRED FORTY-THREE CHARACTERS. Fortunately, they're grouped into threes and we were able to make swift time of it. Want to which videogame characters Bobby and J think are the greatest of all time? Listen to find out!

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Album art by r4r3truffle.

1 comment:

Sollosi said...

OK, I won't argue with the final result. The winning character in this podcast is one of my all-time favorites, not just one of my favorites from the past several years.

But I'm still a little disappointed that our gaming tastes and preferences are so different. You completely dismissed any character in a game you hadn't played (which is 100% OK and sensible), but as a result totally dismissed dozens of RPG characters that I would have had going several rounds (thinking of KOS-MOS, DQ V Hero, and Laharl in particular). I'm not saying you're wrong or lacking in your judgment, but I wish you had played some of those RPGs so you could have had a real discussion about it.

Also, you immediately shut down Mega Man, Zero, and Mega Man X, and that's not okay. I don't care about Sonic either, but I'm the opposite when it comes to Mega Man. Come on, guys.