November 6, 2012

Low Score 86 "Tom Clancy's Downhill Jam"

Assassin's Creed III, LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean, some more Borderlands, and a 3DS! Plus we introduce our Five for Five news segment and do things a little out of order as THE LIST precedes our discussion of the Wii in its final weeks. BA-ZANG!
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Opening music by virt
Album art by r4r3truffle.

1 comment:

Sollosi said...

I really, really want to play Xenoblade Chronicles. Sounds like a game that I would really enjoy; gonna try and play it in 2013.

I can't help but feel you guys overrate Super Paper Mario a little bit. It's a platformer with neat environments and good dialog and characters, but challenge level barely above zero and puzzles in which every solution is "switch perspectives and explore earlier areas". I haven't played any of them to completion, but I think Super Mario Galaxy 2, Donkey Kong Country Returns, and even Kirby's Return to Dream Land are a little bit better.