August 2, 2012

Low Score After Hours "Prime Helmet Your Time is Up"

It's another After Hours podcast, so you know what that means...

There's actually more video game talk than usual, but we do delve into movies, snacks, a bunch of bad internet Top 10 lists, and I can't remember what else. No Borderlands news, no THE LIST. Just your thirteenth-favorite podcast hosts goofing off while hanging out.

We recorded this last week, but due to some serious editing issues (J's recording software crashed at the end of the episode and it was hell to recover) and uploading issues, it took a bit to get up. Enjoy it now, won't you?

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Opening music by virt
Album art by r4r3truffle.

1 comment:

Drew Maier said...

Not really related to this episode (though I did listen to it - in the car to boot), but any chance you'll have a vacancy for Borderlands 2 on XBL when it comes out? My friends are all playing on PC and my PC is dead, plus the first Borderlands was buggy on PC.

Enjoy the show,