January 17, 2012

Low Score Episode 74 "MAGFest Recap"

In this special edition we play the half-hour episode we recorded at MAGFest X and then recap the rest of the weekend. We've got Borderlands news, have played Skyrim and Final Fantasy XIII, and list out the five things we're looking forward to in 2012.

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Sollosi said...

My five most upcoming 2012 media things, with strong zeitgeist:

5. The Last Guardian

I just want to know what the fuck's up. Did Fumito Ueda leave Sony over this game's direction? Is it going to come out at all? If it does come out, I want to play it.

4. Diablo III and Torchlight II

Yes, these two games will be very similar in core gameplay. Do I care? No, and in fact I will play the bojangles out of both of them.

3. The PlayStation Vita

I want to see how successful it is, but I'm also interested in a few Vita games like the innovative Gravity Daze, the American fan-favorite Uncharted: Golden Abyss, and the Japanese fan-favorite new Monster Hunter game (which isn't announced, but certainly exists).

2. Movies

Prometheus, Dark Knight Rises, Django Unchained, Avengers, and Brave are my personal highlights in what could be one of my favorite movie years in a long time.

1. Mass Effect 3

Shit. Holy shit. I want to save the galaxy and defeat the Reapers so bad. In only a few weeks, Mass Effect has become my favorite space opera, and I need to see how this trilogy ends.

Jimmy said...

The five games I'm most looking forward to in 2012 - the first couple are mostly to satisfy my curiosity, while the remainder I genuinely want to play.

5. BioShock Infinite

I hated BioShock 2, and really only tolerated the first one, but I have to remind myself that BioShock was incredibly influential at the time. If they can finally put together some decent gameplay to complement their amazing atmosphere and setting, this could be cool.

4. Mass Effect 3

Just morbid curiosity at this point, really. I loved 1 and 2 and adore the setting, but couldn't care less about the Reapers and am disenchanted with the BioWare formula.

3. Prey 2

Didn't play the first one, but this game sounds like it could be amazing. Alternatively, it could be a massive pile of garbage. Bethesda doesn't have the best track record as a publisher.

2. Fez

I knew nothing about this game until the Giant Bombcast talked about it after PAX. I've seen maybe 5 minutes of footage, but the visual style and music have me hooked. Very excited to play it, assuming it ever actually comes out.

Borderlands 2

Obviously. Gearbox showed with each new DLC for Borderlands how they could learn from their mistakes and incrementally improve the game's formula. Very excited to see what they do with a full sequel. For a game that was almost entirely devoid of plot, Borderlands did tremendous things in terms of character, setting, atmosphere and style.