June 1, 2011

Low Score Episode 64 "PrE3 Twenty Eleven"

We'll make this short and sweet: L.A. Noire and E3 Predictions.

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Opening music by virt

Album art by r4r3truffle.

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Drew Maier said...

Yo -

Totally with J on LA Noire, particularly the twist after the homicide desk. It was shocking at the time but looking back it makes no sense. I also saw the "open world jank" Rockstar is famous for, including disappearing (or transforming!) vehicles, floating trash cans, and reluctance of my partner to enter the vehicle. The shooting feels as though it was tacked on simply to mask the fact that this is an adventure game and make it more marketable. All that said, I think this is an important game in the sense that its mechanics will be replicated for many years to come.

As for E3, all we can hope is that there is a line that will top RRRRRRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIDDDDDDGGGE RAAAACEERRRRR