April 19, 2011

Low Score Episode 61 "The Frank West Holdouts"

Breaking no new ground, the Low Score podcast tackles Costume Quest, Darksiders, Dance Central, DJ Hero, and Portal the First. There's news of a new Nintendo console, the Portal 2 marketing ARG, and some silly game re-releases. Very silly indeed. And, in the spirit of being excited for Portal 2, THE LIST asks for the five games you were really super excited for.

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Opening music by virt

Album art by r4r3truffle.

1 comment:

Erik H said...

I don't think you officially declared this the The List of big episode 62, but I wanted to try anyway!

Top 5 Possible Names for the New Nintendo Thingy:

1. The Nintendo Ecstasy. Big on enthusiasm, unfortunate connotations.

2. The Nintendo Ingenue. Sounds mysterious and imagination-y. Hopefully no one will go look up what it actually means.

3. The Nintendo Play. Continuing the regression toward infancy.

4. The Nintendo Lume. It's like, "light," get it?

5. The Nintendo Breeze. Will be mistaken for deodorant. Also it will happen and then you will forget about it.