January 20, 2011

THE LIST: 5 Games You Wish Had New Game +

Here's an easy one for ya. We want to know the five games in which you'd like to see New Game +. You know, the feature that lets you play through the game again using the stats and items you acquired the first time around. Perhaps you want to replay a game but don't want to trudge through it again. Or perhaps you want the chance to max out your stats because you want to be a super badass.

Leave us your THE LIST in the comments and we'll read them in episode 57.

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epicpoet said...

Alrighty. I'll try and make this quick. I love NG+ by the way, especially in Chrono Trigger and the Disgaea games, mostly for getting endings.

5. Final Fantasy Tactics

Disgaea's New Game + makes it easy and fun to play the game multiple times, get bonus characters, bonus endings, hidden stuff, and what have you. FFT has some missable items, hidden characters, and a point-of-no-return endgame, but no New Game+. Let me beat the game again with the generics I built up from scratch over several hours last time, please.

4. Sacred: Underworld

Before Torchlight came out, Sacred was my favorite Diablo clone. Hell, I actually played Sacred before I ever played Diablo II. Unlike Diablo or Torchlight, however, Sacred doesn't allow you to replay bosses or redo quest segments in its expansive map. Nope, you have to re-roll a new character and start with nothing. A NG+ feature, a "reset the map" feature, or even Torchlight's retirement/heirloom system would be a great addition to Sacred. It's a shame that Sacred 2 was poop in blu-ray form.

3. Skies of Arcadia

SoA is a very good turn-based RPG, but it's also tedious when it comes to collecting all the Moonfish, finding all the Chams, and especially locating all the Discoveries. Just those alone would be perfect carried over in a NG+. I'm never playing this game again (beaten it twice, once on each system), but if there was a NG+ I'd do it again. It's a good one.

2. Every Zelda game ever

I'm not saying a Zelda NG+ should give you everything you had, just the collectable stuff like heart pieces (not containers from bosses), non-essential items, and stuff that increases your inventory of rupees, bombs, etc. Not hunting under every nook and cranny for heart pieces and golden skullthings and such would make replaying games in the Zelda series much more comfortable.

1. Every Dragon Quest game ever

DQ games are games with very charming stories and characters, but antiquated battle systems and long, difficult dungeon slogs. Let me beat the game, get a NG+, and beat the game again without long leveling-up diversions. I'm not even asking for items back, levels and non-story skills are more than enough.