September 2, 2010

Low Score Episode 50 "Big Episode Fifty"

After a six week break, Bobby and J are back with a fiftieth anniversary episode! Red Dead, The Saboteur, XBL Gold price hike, and FIFTY items on THE LIST.

Thank you for your patience. We have been gone a while. But we're back! And we're ready to do this damn thing again. And we'll prove it to you in this BIG episode 50.

J's finished Red Dead Redemption and Limbo, while spending time with Darksiders and Monday Night Combat. Bobby's quit Assassin's Creed once and for all, restarted The Saboteur and Final Fantasy VI Advance, and beat Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes.

Despite being gone six weeks, there are only three major stories worth covering: the XBL Gold price increase, new Borderlands DLC, and Dead Rising Pre-LC.

But the best part of any episode of the Low Score podcast is THE LIST. And we've got five THE LISTs! That produces a total of fifty items on THE LIST to satisfy our big anniversary. We hope you enjoy!

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Opening music by virt

Awesome album art by r4r3truffle.

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