July 7, 2010

Low Score Episode 48 "Highly Self Serving"

In this episode: Self-praise, Red Dead Redemption, Summer Bobby, bits of news, THE LIST.

Somewhere in this week we have a two-year anniversary of the Low Score podcast. Didn't quite hit that 50 episode mark to commemorate the occasion, but what can ya do?

Bobby spent the last few weeks playing an assortment of out of character games: Pokemon Trading Card Game, Torchlight, Colonization (1994), Might and Magic Clash of Heroes, and Ancient Trader. Meanwhile, J played a totally in character game of Red Dead Redemption and has pretty nice things to say about it.

We take a moment to correct some things from the E3 podcast and dive into a bit of news about Portal 2 and Xbox Dashboards.

Our THE LIST is a special combo list of Bobby and J's "Top Five Bobby and J Gaming Moments." It's a bit of reminiscing about the good ol' days. And when we say a bit, we mean a bit! We're hoping to keep episodes around 90 minutes from now on to make them more palatable.

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Opening music by virt

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