June 10, 2010

Low Score's E3 Predictions

Bobby made the following predictions for E3 and Jimmy commented on them in the parentheses. J and Kevin's takes are audio only.

Project Natal
gets a name that's not Wave (agreed)
$119 price point (agree on price announced, but not certain on exact dollar figure)
peripheral only
Updating coming this Fall (agreed)
"Natal" Support (agreed)
Hulu (agreed)
New channels on the dashboard for small content producers
Redoing Indie Games Hub
Fable III Demoed, (agreed, and PM says many many lies)
Gears 3 Teaser
Additional Halo: Reach modes
Kevin Butler! (agreed in video, not live-action)
Priced at $129, comes with legit game
Pack-in PS3 Bundle announced
Big developer (not publisher) announces Move game
Probably EA Sports
Parade of Move games
Headlined by Killzone 3D
Will feature 4-player drop-in-drop-out co-op
Ratchet and Clank 3D
Gran Turismo 5 3D compatible, dated (Nope.)
Parade of 3D Games
Previously announced
The Last Guardian gameplay trailer
New exclusives
Bungie Third-Person Action Game
Square Enix exclusive new IP (won’t be a true exclusive)
From Software new IP
PSP Go Price Drop
Appeal to PSP Go now that it's cheaper
Major IP getting a PSP version. Resident Evil, perhaps? (Uncharted?)

"Look at what Wii can already do!"
New games: Okami 2, (doubt it - Wii Okami not very successful, focus is on Okamiden for DS) Kirby, Nintendogs (no way), Legend of Zelda
Wii Fit + Vitality Sensor
Games: Mario puzzle-platformer (maybe paper mario?), Advance Wars, Pokemon
New Play Control DS? (Nintendogs?)
playable on the show floor (this is confirmed, per NYT quoting Ken Toyoda, Nintendo spokesman)
New Wii Ware and DSi store architectures including something to compete with the Apple Apps Store for submissions

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