September 13, 2009

Low Score Episode 28 "Goofy Guitars"

You'll have to forgive Bobby for his audio flub this week—the podcast recorded using his laptop mic, not his USB mic. It didn't turn out so bad, however, and the density of good content should more than make up for his shortcomings as a producer.

So what exactly makes this week special? Well, Bobby and J have each played a variety of games including Prince of Persia, Red Faction: Guerilla, My World My Way, and Shadow Complex (to name a few).

Oh! And of course the big news of the week is The Beatles Rock Band, which J has played through three times already and has some definite opinions on. And speaking of opinions, J decided he'd like to respond to videogame academic and critic Ian Bogost's criticisms of the game. It's a good discussion, if we do say so ourselves.

We kept it short and sweet at an hour twenty minutes, and yet managed to pack in another good discussion about morality motivations in games like KOTOR and Mass Effect, which Bobby and J (respectively) were each playing this past week.

It's short, it's sweet, and despite being a Low Score, it can't be beat.

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