August 9, 2009

Low Score Episode 26 "Shoot Aliens in the Head"

Jam packed. That's all we have to say about Low Score's big episode 26.

Okay, not all we have to say. We've been playing a ton of games as of late. Bobby enjoyed more Red Faction: Guerilla, purchased and learned how to play Street Fighter IV, and played some Mad World for Wii.

J, on the other hand, provides a timely review of the new Fallout 3 DLC "Mothership Zeta," talks about how the new Prince of Persia is like the old Prince of Persia, and recounts his experience playing the new XBLA release Marvel vs Capcom 2.

J has also been a part of the new Xbox 360 Dashboard beta and gives us the lowdown on new features and the improved quality.

Inspired by some recent quality multiplayer gaming, we talk about the history of multiplayer games. We did some serious research for this episode, so join us as we go through a multiplayer timeline, discuss the issues and trends of multiplayer gaming, and muse on the future of multiplayer at home, online, and in the arcade.

And don't forget about our contest!

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