July 10, 2008

Low Score Episode 01 "Battling Andross"

Low Score with Bobby and JBobby and J are back after a long break from their first podcast series the Gamers Club Podcast.

Come join the audio entertainment as Bobby and J discuss Grand Theft Auto IV, recent game announcements, price drops, Spore, some cool gaming images they found on the innernet, videogame reviews from the future, and the games they've been playing.

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Awesome music by virt

Show Notes:
Square's iPod Game: Song Summoner: The Unsung Hero

Old School Revivals:
Chrono Trigger DS
Mega Man 9

XBox Price Drop

Spore Creature Creator
Joystiq Goes Hands-On With Spore and Will Wright
The Problem of Too Many Creatures

Gaming Images from the Net
Retro Games in Real Life
Real Lego Games

Videogame Reviews... from the Future?


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